Without doubt, the past nine months have been an emotional rollercoaster.  As a nation, we were plunged into lockdown, experienced the elation of reconnecting with loved ones, and then were heartbroken as the restrictions were gradually tightened more and more and we found ourselves back in lockdown.  An unexpected, unprecedented, and unwelcome pandemic really has altered our daily lives, and whilst we now have the hope of the vaccine, the end is not yet in sight.  To weather the coronavirus cyclone, we must individually and collectively practise gratitude and find joy in the small things.  After all, there are glimmers of sunlight in this season of darkness — we sometimes just have to look for and then enjoy them.

Here at The Very Lovely Sauce Company, we are all about finding joy in the small things — be that buying a cheerful bunch of colourful flowers for our kitchen table, reading a novel in the middle of the day, enjoying a cup of tea or glass of wine with a friend, or even turning up the radio and singing along loudly when a favourite song comes on in the morning.  It is these simple pleasures that bring a smile to our faces and enliven our souls.

In the spirit of simple pleasures, we exhort you to order and try our indulgent caramel sauce over the next few weeks.  This small dose of lockdown loveliness is sure to bring a smile to your face. Our sachets of sauce are a simple and stress-free way to host a brilliant brunch or perfect puddings night – warm up the sauce and then drizzle it over waffles, pancakes, ice cream, cookie… the list could go on and on!  When looking at his empty pot of honey, Winnie the Pooh famously said “I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it”.  In the same way, our caramel sauce is unbelievably moreish and typically consumed within minutes of being opened!  We therefore recommend that you hide your parcel as soon as it lands on your doormat, before your housemates, partners, or children lay their hands upon the sachet of liquid gold that lies within…

If you are feeling uninspired or ill-equipped to host such a gathering, then fear not.  Another very lovely blog post will follow next week filled with our top tips for hosting a fabulous, yet low key, event for your household.

Here’s to a plethora of caramel-themed events from Cornwall to Caithness, and everywhere else in between!  An old Swedish proverb wisely says that “shared joy is double joy”, and so we can’t wait to see photographs of your fabulous gatherings with piles of pancakes, towers of French toast, incredible ice cream sundaes, and above all the smiling faces that accompany your culinary creations.